Victims of Nazism

When one thinks of suffering and victimization during World War II, the Holocaust immediately comes to mind. I hardly need to remind you of the genocide that occurred at the hands of the Nazis of Germany. In an effort to exterminate inferior races—including Jewish, Roma (gypsies), and disabled people—the Nazis were responsible for the systematic murder of more than six million people. More than two-thirds of the Jewish population alone was eradicated because of the Nazis. [1] The murders were committed both by man and machine. The concentration and death camps provided a way to execute people on a mass scale. German soldiers also had the duty of personally shooting some of the victims.

In this section of the site, I have gathered testimonies from European Jews and an Italian deportee. Each talks about the trauma of their experiences at the hands of the Nazi regime. Eva Galler narrowly escaped from the cattle car headed towards a death camp; Rivka Yosselevska miraculously survived from a bullet wound to the head in an attempted execution; Alexander Kimel managed to live through the horrors of Auschwitz. Oreste Maina, an Italian man, was deported from the south of Italy to the Dachau work camp, where, after two years of hard labor, he managed to find his way back to his home and family in Italy. Karen Gershon, born into a German Jewish family, was sent by her parents to England for safety. She survived the war; her parents did not. Each story differs from one another, but cry out the same message of agony at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Please note: If you would like to know more about the Holocaust, I would recommend visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website, located here.


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