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Welcome to “Memories of World War II: A Study of the Personal Narrative of Trauma in World War II.” This site was created by Alexandra Siega, Middlebury College Class of 2012.5, for an International Studies senior seminar titled “Memory Matters: National Identity in Contemporary Germany and Italy.” The course was team-taught by Visiting Professor of Italian Natasha Chang and Assistant Professor of German Natalie Eppelsheimer.

The purpose of the website is to provide a place for viewers to read personal accounts of trauma during World War II from Germany and Italy. The course brought to light the connections between German Nazism and Italian Fascism, and this site is meant to explore these connections through the narrative of trauma. “Memories of World War II: A Study of the Personal Narrative of Trauma in World War II” contains a selection of carefully chosen memoirs, dialogues, letters, and poems from both countries and all sides of the conflict: victims, civilians, and perpetrators. In addition, the author has commented on each narrative with relevant comparisons to other texts that relay various concepts and overarching themes from the seminar. There is also a Further Reading page that contains sources for supplementary accounts of trauma from World War II.

The blog format is meant to encourage visitor participation; feel free to leave a comment on any of the pages with your thoughts, opinions, and concerns. Please keep in mind, however, to be sensitive to others within your posts. All comments must be approved by the author to appear on the site.